The JCC offers support to those who need a helping hand whether with food for their table or education for their child who dropped out of high school or health insurance for their family or an afterschool program that is safe and secure as well as stimulating and exciting.

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Did You Know?

There is another side to the JCC that is seen by thousands of non-member Staten Islanders every year,…the side that provide Social Services throughout our borough

Rose Shargo , Dir. of Ed. & Vocational Services 718.508.3881

Maureen Fisher , Director of Health Programs 718.981.1400

Neshama Marcus, Director of Social Services 718.475.5228

Glenda Martinez, Stapleton Neighborhood Senior Center Director 718.981.3200

Ashley Zanatta , Reality Check Lead 718.475.5277

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For Membership Inquiries Please Contact:
Membership Services 718.475.5223 

Select JCC facilities are available to all organizations, groups and individuals for life cycle events, meetings and celebrations. Call 718.475.5261 for information.