Bernikow: Dina Peña, Fitness Manager 718-475-5214

Avis: Ernest Murdukhayev, Sports and Rec. Director 718.475.5212

Carol Weinberg, Avis Fitness Group Ex. Coordinator 718-475-5270 ext. 1205

iStock_000003140742MediumAll of us have different reasons for why we come to the Bernikow JCC Fitness Center and what we do inside its 5,000 square feet of fitness brilliance.

No matter what kind of fitness activity you choose, our enthusiastic staff will be there to assist you with our equipment, offer suggestions for your workout and provide helpful fitness tips. Our signature fitness & personal training programs, cutting-edge equipment and innovative classes distinguish us as so much more than just your ordinary health club. We continue to expand our program offerings and are excited to introduce new, innovative elements to our membership.

iStock_000004032092MediumAt the JCC, our core values of trust, caring, integrity, passion, happiness and personal fitness guide everything that we do at the Avis South Shore Fitness Center.

Our goal is that every member is treated like an individual and feels supported and motivated to get fit, and most importantly, have fun in the process. Visit our up to date Avis fitness facility and get yourself into the best shape ever. All our equipment is new including our Cardio Theater TV system mounted on treadmills. We provide an array of services and offer an extensive selection of cardiovascular fitness equipment. We have a large selection of free group exercise classes geared to every level. Our personnel are trained to educate members about the equipment and assist with workouts. Our Personal Trainers hold nationally recognized certifications and are CPR/AED certified.

Two complimentary 30 minute orientations are required for each new member and should be scheduled by a personal trainer upon joining. This orientation is a basic demonstration of the safe and effective operation of the cardio and strength training equipment. Some of these orientations grow into a comprehensive fitness assessment session (Personal Training) and relationships between the member and trainer are well established as you reach your goals.

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For Membership Inquiries Please Contact:
Membership Services 718.475.5223 

Select JCC facilities are available to all organizations, groups and individuals for life cycle events, meetings and celebrations. Call 718.475.5261 for information.