The JCC of Staten Island Is Becoming More Sustainable!

The Staten Island JCC is partnering with Hazon to receive the Hazon Seal of Sustainability, which recognizes Jewish organizations’ commitment to becoming more sustainable: improving food and environmental practices, treatment of animals, and impact on climate change. We are taking substantial steps toward sustainability by convening/strengthening our Green Team, auditing our food and facilities impact and launching three exciting projects: Intergenerational Raised Bed Gardening Project at the Avis/South Shore, integrating an environmental curriculum into our ECE Centers and  trying to introduce more sustainable purchasing of food products for our facilities, including more local and organic produce and more cruelty free animal products.  Our participation in this initiative signifies that, along with two dozen other Jewish organizations, we are a national leader in the realm of Jewish sustainability.  Want to get involved? Email  Learn more about the Hazon Seal at


Please contact JR Rich, Sustainability Officer at 718.475.5251 or

Starting in 2009 the JCC began a journey to helping the environment here on Staten Island and beyond.  With the installation of 2 different solar arrays and many other steps we have reduced our carbon footprint, reduced costs and  partnered with many organizations here locally, nationally and world-wide.

The Jewish Greening Fellowship played a major part in our actions here. First funded by UJA Federation and now under the auspices of Hazon (the leading Jewish environmental organization in the world), this video tells that story.

Executive Director David Sorkin, JCC Camp Co-Director and Youth Director Glenn Wechsler and Agency Sustainability Officer JR Rich all speak about their roles and how the JCC of Staten Island is a shining example of commitment to a vision that will leave our children and grandchildren a better world. We are so proud!

Jewish Greening Fellowship

The Staten Island JCC’s Commitment to Environmentalism and Sustainability


  1. Implement greening operational policies
  2. Incorporate greening concepts into programming
  3. Search for community collaboration opportunities
  4. Inspire cultural/behavioral change

JR Rich,  Sustainability Officer at the JCC of Staten Island, inspects the JCC’s newly installed solar panel system.



  • Internal HVAC Monitoring System allowing control, refinement & troubleshooting capabilities
  • Installation of Occupancy Sensors at the Bernikow JCC
  • Lighting Replacement at the JCC ECE Childhood Center at 485 Victory Blvd.
  • Lighting Replacement at Avis/South Shore JCC
  • Replacement of Summer Pool Bypass Pump
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water System installed $45,000 annual savings; including other efforts totaling $80,000 annual savings
  • 100KW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System installed fall 2014. This 103 KW system will generate an estimated $25-30,000 savings per year. The equivalent of planting 62.6 acres of forest per year.
  • Tree planting – NYC Million Trees Program –200 trees planted to date
  • Change to non-toxic and green cleaning products and practices fall 2010


  • Pre-school earthworm composting bins
  • Inter-generational recyclable art exhibit with ECE students and senior adults
  • Community Art Show of recycled and re-purposed art
  • Recyclable Sukkah for Sukkot
  • Esther’s Closet costume exchange for Purim
  • Lecture Series on Judaism & Environmentalism
  • Serenity Garden planted @ Avis/South Shore by preschool/seniors


  • Make a Wish Daffodil Garden
  • Milliontreesnyc 5 Tree giveaways- May 2011, March 2012-March 2015 (1,200 trees total)
  • 5 E-waste & textile recycling events- November 2011, March 2012-March 2015
  • SIEDC Green & Clean Expo Sponsor
  • Green Zone Task Force
  • Energy Wise Task Force
  • West Brighton LLC, SI Green Business Initiative
  • Composting at JCC summer camp at HKC campgrounds
  • Solar Empowerment Zone Steering Committee
  • NYS Public Service Commission Outreach Committee
  • SI Green Umbrella
  • Green & Healthy Homes
  • UJA Federation of NY


  • 2 Earth Fairs
  • Green Spotlights in Monthly Bulletin
  • Reality Check & C4C- teen & college age anti-smoking outreach – smoke free campuses
  • $45,000 annual savings; reduction of paper usage and mailings- 2009-present
  • Using 30% recycled paper for all publications
  • Electronic and Textile Recycling Events

This is an organic, ongoing process. The institutional changes at the JCC are permanent and adaptable. We welcome suggestions and feedback from our members and the general public.


1466 Manor Road


1297 Arthur Kill Road


485 Victory Blvd

Select JCC facilities are available to all organizations, groups and individuals for life cycle events, meetings and celebrations. Call 718.475.5261 for information.

For Membership Inquiries Please Contact:
Membership Services 718.475.5223 

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